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Them Crazy Hormones' Journey to Female Wisdom

This blog describes the journey that women take in life and their transformation. From being a girl growing into a woman, perhaps a mother and finally the ultimate transformation to their destiny of being the confident, beautiful and wise female that serves as a teacher to all.


Birth & growth

When babies are born, they are so precious and pure. Little girls are no exception. While growing up they discover their femininity and feminine energy and get introduced to masculine energy as well. This all is input that shapes and forms them. And teaches them how to see, hear and feel the world and these energies and how they can be used.

Puberty & Development

The feminine and masculine energy is especially important around puberty, which also announces a change in hormones, mood(swings), menstrual cycle and growing (physically and mentally) into a young woman. This time is equally beautiful as it is challenging. The beauty of growing into a young woman and experiencing your first love. The challenge of menstrual problems, mood swings and them Crazy Hormones that do weird things to your body & mind.

Femininity & Goals

After puberty we can embrace our evolving feminine phase where we are into the challenges of modern life. After studying, we are often focused on maybe traveling, a career, a relationship, a house, maybe children.... The pressure and stress during this phase can be quite high for women for several reasons. Imagine expectations your parents (our you) might have, the lack of gender equality in jobs, and so on. We are finding and creating our place in society and building our lives. In this phase of your life the beauty and challenges of Them Crazy Hormones can be fertility, menstrual problems and stress.

The Transformation to Female Wisdom

As we continue our journey, we encounter even more beautiful and challenging experiences from which we learn and grow. We are transforming our minds, our bodies and our souls. We learn to handle situations differently and are expanding our wisdom. We live in a more beautiful state through meditation, mindfulness or other teachings. Our bodies are also transforming and teaching us other valuable lessons. Them Crazy Hormones can go really crazy in this phase. The intensity can even be compared to puberty. It can affect how we feel and how we function. This Transformation phase is also referred to as (peri)menopause. I like to call this beautiful phase "the Transformation to Female Wisdom". The challenges during this phase can be quite daunting and can range from hot flashes, mood swings, low libido, weight gain, loss of hair, stress, insomnia, etc.

In the above 4 phases, from birth to Transformation to Female Wisdom, Them Crazy Hormones do play an important part in our life. Every phase has their own beauty and challenges. It is important to be grateful for the beauty of each phase and to embrace the challenges.

Beating Them Crazy Hormones

- You're probably wondering how to deal with hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, low libido, loss of hair, aging, menstural problems, etc.?

- And you're probably wondering how to deal with all the stress of modern life?

- And how to handle Them Crazy Hormones during all this?

Don't worry, there is a remedy for most of the challenges you might be going through.

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