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Autumn is here and it's time to take care of you and to prepare for the colder weather, flu season and lack of sun light. Now is the time to eat healthy food and to add supplements to your diet. Self care is the key word here.

How self care and supplements can help you skip them autumn blues!

During the darker and colder months it's more likely that we are low on energy and might tend to feel depressed. Lack of sunlight is one of the reasons.

Our body needs more nutrients, vitamines and minerals to cope with the darker, colder season. We all know that organic, home made food is the best choice. This also applies to supplements. Organically absorbable vitamines is what you're looking for.

D3 is one of the staples as we don't get enough sunlight during these darker months. A good multi vitamine and vitamine C would be other staples as these support your immune system and supplies your body with the basic vitamines it needs. Of course there are more supplements that can help u get through this season. This differs per person and depends on your specific needs/issues.

It is also important to keep on exercising. Like going outside for walks in nature, going to the gym, dancing, etc. Self care and self love is equally important. So take that relaxing bath, meditate, read, and emerce yourself in everything that makes you relax, let go of stress and be in a beautiful state.

Skip them Blues!

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